Maintenance Fee Payment - Direct Debit

You can pay your maintenance fees through a one-time electronic direct-debit from your bank account. Please complete the information below and press the "Confirm" button. If you provide an e-mail address, a confirming e-mail will be sent. If you would like to establish an automatic, monthly, recurring direct-debit, please complete the direct-debit authorization form and follow the instructions at the bottom of the form. You can check your account balance on the on-line account history page (homeowner login required).

You will NOT be charged any service fees for paying by direct-debit. There is a transaction charge, but the Association is absorbing that cost. No bank account information is stored on the WEB server, however all transactions, rejections, and IP addresses are logged for security and fraud detection purposes.

Name on Account, as it appears on your bank statement

Name of Bank

Bank account number (no spaces or dashes)

Bank routing number (no spaces or dashes)

Select the Bank Account Type:
Checking Account
Business Checking Account
Savings Account

Enter your Society Hill at Piscataway unit number and amount paid. If you need to pay for more than one unit, please submit one payment transaction per unit.

Unit Number

Amount Paid

Note: As of January 2017, the montly maintenace fees are $171/month for regular units and expired affordable units. The maintenance fees for extending affordable units is still not determined.

E-mail Address (optional - for confirmation e-mail)

Payment Processing

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